Extreme Durability 1000 Feet Drop Test: iPhone X & Galaxy S8

iPhone X 1000 Feet Drop Test

iPhone X 1000 Feet Drop Test

You might have seen many drop test videos on different YouTube channels for Android mobiles and iPhones. There are so many crazy water tests as well where YouTubers place the iPhone in a bowl full of water and then freeze it, or they put the iPhone in boiling water to test its durability. But here we are presenting a crazy extreme durability test for Galaxy S8 and iPhone X.

This extreme durability drop test is performed by UnlockRiver.com channel and they have dropped Galaxy S8 and iPhone X from the height of 1000 FEET. Yes, you read it correctly, 1000 Feet. There is no need to tell you that you shouldn’t try this on your iPhone X or Galaxy S8 from even 10 Feet height. If you do so, don’t blame us for anything 😀

Well, before you watch the video, we would like to tell you that the YouTuber who performed this test gives 7.9 extreme durability test score to Galaxy S8, can you guess what would be the score for iPhone X? Well, watch both the videos to know the score of iPhone X.

Extreme Durability 1000 Feet Drop Test Galaxy S8

Extreme Durability 1000 Feet Drop Test iPhone X

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