iPhone X Underwater Face ID Crazy Test by Jenna Ezarik

iPhone FaceID underwater

iPhone FaceID underwater

Jeena Ezarik is a famous YouTuber and she is famous for her vlogs on different topics. On the arrival of iPhone X with Face ID feature, she bought her new iPhone X and decided to test the Face ID working in direct sunlight with glasses on. Then she tried the Face ID test under the water in a pool.

We have watched this video and decided to publish the video on our website. You can watch this video to test iPhone X FaceID test underwater, but before you watch the test, we would like to know what are your expectations on this?

Will iPhone X pass this test or it will fail to recognize the Jeena’s face under the water? You can share your thoughts with us using the comment box below the video and then watch the video to check if iPhone X is as you expected or not?

iPhone X FaceID Underwater Test

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