All-New iPhone 15 Leaks Surprise Release

iPhone 15 Release

iPhone 15 Release

The leaks concerning Apple’s iPhone 15 series are constantly producing unexpected outcomes, and now prospective purchasers have been hit with an additional curve ball shortly after the first public listing for the brand-new collection has appeared.

First, a recent analysis from Apple expert Jeff Pu (which was viewed by 9to5Mac) shows that supply chain concerns will result in a considerable decrease in the number of iPhone 15 versions available when the product first launches.

According to Pu, Apple will now produce a total of 77 million iPhone 15 devices by the close of the year, which is a decrease from the 83 million units that were originally planned due to several ongoing manufacturing challenges.

These issues include supplies for a fresh main camera module made by Sony that will be used on all iPhone 15 models and the creation of a new display (with very small bezels) along with titanium chassis on the iPhone 15 Pro Max and iPhone 15 Pro. Both of these issues have been plaguing Apple since the release of the iPhone 15.

The analyst notes that the reduction in the construction plan prior to the introduction is not a great indication, and adds that the possibility of an increase in the price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max might also reduce the end demand for the product.

A few weeks ago, Apple reported a decline in revenue from sales of iPhones, and if Pu’s story is accurate, it shows there is no chance of this situation reversing in the foreseeable future. Apple has recorded a drop in revenue from sales of iPhones.

After this all-new iPhone has been entered into India’s official governmental database, Apple fans probably won’t have to wait too much further to get a grip on the iPhone 15 range of products. This is the case regardless of which scenario you choose to believe.

The “A3094” model, which was found by MySmartPrice, is positioned at the top of the lineup for the iPhone 14, which includes the models with the model names A2649, A2882, A2881, and A2883 as well as A2884. And there is a consistent pattern here.

The very same database registered the A2882 a few weeks before the launch of the iPhone 14 a year before previous. It ended up being the entry-level iPhone 14 model all along. This indicates that the A3094 is almost certainly going to replace the iPhone 15.

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