Best 11 Free Android Apps That You Must Have in 2019

11 must have android apps

When you upgrade your Android phone to get new features or you just wanted a change, there are a few apps that always add value to your Smartphone. Apart from the pre-installed apps, these are the 11 Android apps that you must install on your new Android phone in 2019.

Password Manager

Bitwarden Password Manager Android App

We know it is difficult to remember and manage different passwords of different websites and apps. Having a well-known password manager can make your life easy.

Bitwarden Password Manager is one of the best apps that can save all your password and you can access your password vault from any of your devices which has this amazing password manager app.

Recycle Bin For Android

Dumpster Android Photos Backup Solution Undelete Photos

Just like your computer, you should have a recycle bin on your Android device. If you have one then your photos, images, and audio files will remain safe if you accidentally delete your photos.

Dumpster is an app that provides you exactly the same facility. You can always restore and recover your deleted photos or videos from your Android device if you have the dumpster app.

Data Transfer App


It is always a tedious job to transfer your data from the old mobile to a new mobile. That is why it is important to have an app that can transfer your data from the old mobile to your new Android mobile.

The SHAREit app is the best Android app in 2019 for this purpose. You can not only transfer your images, videos, and documents, but you can also transfer your installed apps from the old phone to your new phone.

Knowledge Sharing App

Google Opinion Rewards

If you want to improve your IQ or you want to share your knowledge with others, then it is good to have such apps on your latest Android phone in 2019.

Google Opinion Rewards is the best knowledge-sharing app in 2019 as you can get free credit rewards from Google when you share your opinion with others. You can buy paid apps using this credit.

Translator Foto

translator foto

If you have joined foreign Facebook pages and you don’t understand the language, especially when they share the images, then you need to have a translator. Simple text can be translated using the Google translator app, but it can’t translate the text on photos.

Translator Foto is a special application that can read the text written on an image and then it can translate that text into any language.

Photo Recovery App


Sometimes, when you accidentally delete your photos, you need to have an application that can recover your deleted photos. It is better to always keep an Android photo recovery app because if you install it after the deletion of photos, there are chances that some photos might not get recovered.

DiskDigger Photo Recovery is one of the best apps that can recover your lost photos from an Android device. It is a free app and you don’t need to root your device to get your photos back.

Spy or Secret Cam

Quick Video Recorder Android

Using your android mobile as a spycam or as a secret camera is fun. You can record a video without anyone knowing about that. It is useful when you need to record some secret discussion of a person whom you don’t trust.

Quick Video Recorder is a great app that can be used to record your videos secretly even when the mobile screen is locked.

Turn Your Mobile into Scanner

Tiny Scanner Android Mobile

Do you know you can scan any of your books and can convert them into PDF format using your Android mobile? It will be great fun to use the camera of your mobile and make a PDF book anywhere.

Tiny Scanner is a great Android app that allows you to scan a book and make a PDF version.

Recognize any Music


While you are traveling and listening to songs or you watch an ad that has music of any song which you don’t know, you can use your mobile to recognize your mobile.

SHAZAM is the best app that can be used to recognize any song by just listening to a few seconds of the music.

Scan QR Codes Using Android Mobile

QR Code Reader

When you have an Android mobile, you can use it to scan any QR code which is provided on the packing of the products. QR codes also provided in the classified ads in the Newspapers.

QR Code Reader is an app that can be used to scan or read these codes using your Android mobile.

Screen Mirroring App


Sometimes it is good to manage your Android phone or tablet from your Windows or Mac. It is called screen mirroring where you show your mobile’s screen on the screen of your laptop.

Air Droid is an app that can be used for screen mirroring. It doesn’t need any cable connection, you can connect your mobile using wifi connection.

Must-Have Android Apps 2019

Final Words

These are the 11 must-have Free Android apps that you must install on your new Smartphone. Let us know in the comments below which of the above apps you liked the most?

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