From Apple’s Clearance Store, You can Buy iPhone SE Again

iPhone SE Refurbished

iPhone SE Refurbished

Are you the one who likes the small screen smartphones? Are you the one who wants to operate the phone with a single hand? If yes, then you are definitely a fan of iPhone SE.

The good news for you, now you can again buy the iPhone SE, the small screen version of the Apple iPhone is available on the Apple clearance store.

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In 2018, when Apple released its iPhone XR and XS, they removed the iPhone SE from their store. Many people thought that it is the end for the small size iPhone and #iPhoneSE_RIP was the top trend at that time.

But a few days ago, Apple has listed the iPhone SEO again on its official store.

Now you can buy the old iPhone SEO in different colors and in a less price. You can save $100 and can get the iPhone SE 32GB version at just $249.

It is available with the T-Mobile, Verizon and TracFone carriers and the phones are unlocked. You can buy iPhone SE in gold, rose gold, and silver color.

With the T-Mobile, you can also buy the 128GB variant of iPhone SEO in just $299 and you can save $150 on this version.

There is no information available on the official website about any iOS update or any security update for the iPhone SE. Also, there is no information about the future plans for Apple.

One thing is clear that Apple is not going to manufacture the iPhone SE as there was no official announcement on its March event a day ago.

Most probably, this iPhone SE stock is a refurbished stock which Apple wants to clear one for all. After this stock, the iPhone SE lovers will not be able to buy a small screen iPhone again.

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