Learn About Deleted Data and Photo Recovery from Mobile and Mac

recover deleted data mobile

recover deleted data mobile

Many people ask me this question that is it possible for them to recover data from their mobile devices or from their laptop’s hard drive? The answer is very simple.

Yes, it is possible to recover the data once you have deleted the data even from the recycle bin (in case of using a laptop). This data recovery facility from mobile devices or from the hard drive can be very useful for some people while it could be dangerous as well for other people.

Why Data Recovery is Important?

For example, if you are using your computer and have your personal important data, family pictures and videos on it. Due to some mistake or some kid accidentally deletes your data permanently from your hard drive or mobile, then definitely you want to get your data back as you can’t afford to lose your data in this case.

Is Data Recovery Useful Feature?

But in other cases, when you have some important data on your hard drive and you want to sell your hard disk to buy a new one with greater storage capacity. You will transfer your data from old hard disk to the new hard disk and then dispose of or sell the old one in the market.

Or in case of cell phone, you want to exchange a mobile with your friend, you will delete your data from mobile after transferring it to a new mobile and then you hand over the mobile to your friend.

In both of these cases, it might be dangerous for you that data recovery is possible. Because your friend or the new user who will use your old hard disk or mobile can recover your important data, your credentials, your family pictures and videos that you don’t want to show to any other person.

So we can say that the data recovery facility is useful and harmful for different people.

How is it possible to recover deleted data

If you are wondering that how is it possible to recover deleted data even after deleting it from the recycle bin then here I will tell you some basic things about how data stored on a disk and what happens when you remove or delete your data.

Actually every file and folder on your hard drive have a unique address on your hard disk like in sectors. We can call this address a ‘pointer’ which tells the operating system where your data is.

When you delete the data windows delete that pointer it means it lost the address of your file or folder, but your file or folder still exist at the same address. For the operating system, that address is empty and new data can be written on it because it has lost the pointer (or address) of that file.

When only the pointer is deleted not the data, so it means you can recover it by using special tools or by hiring some data recovery professionals who can recover those deleted addresses.

They can reconnect your operating system with your data that still exists in its place. In this way, it is possible to recover deleted data from hard disk and mobile phones.

The whole process is different for a solid-state device (SSD). What happens with SSD and if you want to know more details about data recovery you can read this comprehensive article.

How to recover Deleted data

Though you can recover your data yourself by using any free data recovery app but it is advised that you should use some corporate data recovery service to be on the safe side.

You are trying to recover your data just because it is important and in case of free tools, your data might be lost permanently or you can damage your hard drive which will erase the remaining data as well and you will be in big trouble.

So it is recommended to use hire a professional data recovery assistant instead of getting risks for your important data by using low-quality free data recovery tools.

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