New iPhone 16 Pro Leak Reveals Key Hardware Change

iPhone 16 Pro Leak

It is anticipated that the subsequent iPhones, which will probably include the iPhone 16 Pro as well as the iPhone 16 Pro Max, will be released in the fall; nevertheless, there are already sufficient reports for us to get a solid preview of what is going to be released.

In addition, yet another design feature has been discovered.

According to MacRumors, which claims to have seen a prototype of the iPhone 16 Pro, the new improvements were documented in the publication. From this point forward, it asserts the importance of the Action Button was actually taken into consideration once more.

As you are aware, the Ring/Mute slider switch has been replaced by the Action Button, which has served as a feature on each iPhone model since the initial one, with the exception of the iPhone 15 Pro as well as Pro Max versions.

These are the phones that were the first to introduce the Action Button, which provided a hold-and-press replacement to the sliding action that had been used previously and opened up additional variety throughout the process.

It is now possible to assign it to a variety of features, such as accessibility to the camera, the magnifying glass, the translator, and plenty more. By using shortcuts, it is possible to set it to have numerous additional features.

It would appear that Apple has been contemplating the ideal appearance of the Action Button for the iPhone 16 Pro as well as Pro Max, which will be released this fall. Options consisting of four buttons have been taken into consideration.

All of the volume buttons may be consolidated into a single button, or they could be left as they are currently. Either the size of the Action Button might be raised or it could be left unchanged.

 It is possible that the new Capture button, which is supposed to provide a shortcut to recording video or photographs and is situated on the other edge of the Action Button, will be flush within the frame instead of raised.

Over the course of the prototypes, the Action Button actually has undergone modifications, including the addition of a flush choice to accommodate this, in addition to alternative size options.

It appears that the most recent iteration has landed on a certain pattern, despite the fact that prototypes have displayed a variety of different configurations.

iPhone 16 Pro hardware Change

The previous model encompassed an Action Button, similar to the newest Touch ID buttons on the iPhone SE, for example.

However, it appears that Apple has chosen to go with a button that is largely similar to the one that currently exists on the iPhone 15 Pro. This will include two distinct volume buttons, just like the current version.

Taking all of this into consideration, it appears like the possibility of a sensitive Action Button will be put on wait for at least the remainder of this year. It’s possible that it will have consequences for future generations.

An aesthetic change as major as this indicates that it has been scrapped or delayed for future iPhone versions, as stated by MacRumors. Although it is presently unclear how this impacts future versions of Apple’s development of a sensitive Action button, it is not obvious how this will affect the future of Apple’s designs.

There is still the possibility that things will change, but the window of opportunity for making modifications to the hardware is almost definitely closing around now if it hasn’t already.

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