On the 12th of September Apple will Unveil the iPhone 15

iPhone 15 Announcement

iPhone 15 Announcement

As expected, the rumors turned out to be true. The next iPhone event hosted by Apple is going to take place on September 12. The company has just finished sending out invitations to the event, which will take place once more at the Apple Park offices in Cupertino. The invitation has a graphic that looks like a snap taken by Thanos (spoilers), and it also has the term “Wonderlust” written on it.

The iPhone 15 would very definitely serve as the primary focus of the upcoming large-scale event. It would seem that the new edition of the handset might offer a significant improvement to the line if we consider the significant impact that it had on the iPhone X.

Given the general direction in which the market has been moving, a much-needed dose of excitement might go a long way toward achieving its goals. Almost certainly not on the same level of thrill as folding paper, but a thrill nonetheless.

Getting back to the subject of laws, Apple has recently thrown its support around a right-to-repair measure that is presently making progress through the legislative process in the state of California. The corporation may promote the new phone’s repairability in light of a recent move toward encouraging customers to fix their own devices.

Given the company’s track record, such a move would constitute a significant break from the past; nonetheless, stranger things have been known to occur. Additional rumors include the reduction of the width of the bezels and the introduction of the Dynamic Island throughout the entire range.

The series of Apple Watches 9 is another product that will undoubtedly steal the show. We haven’t heard much in terms of rumors, although some reports have indicated that the A15 Bionic processor will be included, in addition to a fresh pink addition. Who here is familiar with the Barbie brand? It would appear that pink will be one of the color options for the iPhone 15, joining the newly introduced blue and gray variants.

We anticipate that the most recent versions of iOS, macOS, and watchOS will all be made available to the public at the exact same time. This will also serve as Apple’s second significant occasion to demonstrate the Vision Pro in advance of the product’s arrival at the beginning of the next year.

We will most certainly get a clearer look at a few of the content that will be arriving for the “spatial computing” headgear, in addition to receiving new details about Apple’s most audacious gamble in ten years.

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