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pubg-mobile best online strategy game for iPhone

pubg-mobile best online strategy game for iPhone

Gaming addiction is something that can happen to anyone without considering the age factor. From 3 years of toddlers to 70 years old people can be an addict to any video game. Especially when you have an iPhone X you can spend hours on some of the best iPhone games of all time.

Some of the most popular and fun games to play on the iPhone are also considered the most addicting iPhone games. Though the gameplay on iPhone is not as good as on any gaming console or on the gaming PC, still the top-rated iPhone games can be an addiction for the players.

Most of the free online strategy games for the iPhone are considered to be the top-rated iOS games where adults lose hours without even realizing how much time they spend on it.

Whereas elders, mostly 40 years and above are addicted to some of the best board games on iPhone like chess or snakes and ladders. Also, check these best iPhone games for 10+ year kids and teens that includes free and paid games.

Best Free Most Addicting iPhone Games

In my list of free most addicting iPhone games, I will consider the best gaming apps that you can easily find on Appstore. These apps will also have a few iPhone games to play with friends online or offline.

So, without wasting any time, let’s start with my first iPhone game to start with:

1. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp game is one of the best free iPhone games for 4 year olds who are creative and who love outdoor camping. Kids from 4 years to 12 years can improve their creativity by designing their favorite campsite on their iPhones.

You can design your own theme park along with an open-air cafe in the game. This addictive iPhone game allows you to create an outdoor music festival as well where you can place your guitars or microphones. Kids can also create their own pool on the campsite and can even enjoy the fireworks under the sky.

Kids will also have access to a lot of different items and more than 100 different animal characters to have some fun on their campsite.

The game is designed by Nintendo Co., Ltd. and it is compatible with iPhone 5S and above that has iOS 9 or above. This is a free iPhone game for kids and it requires 250 MB size on your iPhone storage.

2. Super Mario Run

Super Mario is a game that 90’s kids were addicted to on the Nintendo platform and now in 2020, kids can enjoy Super Mario Run on their iPhone that has iOS 8 and above. The game is fun to play where you can control Mario with taps and can complete the challenges to collect different medals.

This is another one of the iPhone best games for 4 year olds that can be addicting as well. The game requires about 265MB of storage space on your phone and it is available in almost 11 different languages.

The game is free to download on your iPhone but you can play only limited levels. After that, you need to unlock the other 6 levels of the game with a one-time payment of $10. Super Mario Run was downloaded 40 million times in just 4 days when it was launched back in 2016.

3. Clash Royale

If we talk about the best free online strategy games then Clash Royale is a game that can’t be ignored and must be listed among the most addicting iPhone games.

Clash Royale is developed by the team that also developed the Clash of Clans. You can see your favorite characters from Clash of Clans in this best strategy iPhone game Clash Royale.

In the game, you have to make the strategy to defeat the opponents by challenging their kings and princesses. You have to build your own battle community by collecting cards and characters as well as the Knights, princes, baby dragons, and much more.

On the app store, this game is number 2 in the list of best free strategy games for iPhone. You can download Clash Royale for free and play it on your iPhone having iOS 9.0 or later. The age rating for the game is 9+ and you need to have almost 200 MB storage to install this best strategy iOS game. 

4. Where’s My Water? 2

Where’s My Water? 2 is a puzzle game that is very interesting for kids and for adults as well. The game is based on the basic principles of Physics where you need to remove the dust and make a way for freshwater, purple water, or steam so that it can reach Swampy and its friends.

 It is one of the top physics-based most addicting games on the app store. All the puzzles and stages are free in this game and it has 3 new locations as well. This game is suitable for kids of 4 years and above.

This award-winning game is optimized for iOS version 8.0 and above. With 100 plus levels of the game, you will love this game and in case you are stuck at a level, you can use hints as well.

5. Asphalt Xtreme

If you search for the best racing games for iPhone then you will definitely find the Asphalt Xtreme on any blog. We also included this racing game Asphalt Xtreme in our top list of most addicting iPhone games.

This amazing game from Gameloft will amaze anyone with its beautiful racing locations and different racing events. The racing events full of challenges will make you addicted to this game and you will not even realize how many hours you have spent playing the game until all of the iPhone battery drains out.

The age rating of this one of the best car games for iPhone is 12+ but I have seen 8 year olds playing this game all day long.  Most of the best car games on iOS need 1GB or more space and Asphalt Xtreme also requires 1.4GB of space on your iPhone.

Asphalt Xtreme is a free iPhone game and it is available in 10+ languages.

6. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG Mobile)

PlayerUnkonwn’s Battlegrounds aka PUBGG Mobile is one of the best strategy games and is listed at number 3 in the strategy games on the app store. In the list of best free strategy games for iPhone, you will find that every kid and adult is playing PUBG Mobile for hours on the game. 

Even people play online multiplayer strategy games by making their teams and PUBG Mobile is one of those best strategy iOS games. The game is very much like Fortnite which is banned and removed from the App Store and Google’s Play Store.

It is somehow more realistic than other best war strategy games for iPhone. You have to improve your survival skills and need a perfect aim to survive till the end for the victory.

iOS 9+ is required to play this game and the age rating of this game is 17+ on the app store, but even 7 to 8-year kids play PUBG Mobile for hours. You need 2.4 GB of storage space on your iPhone or iPad to install and play PUBG Mobile.

7. 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is the number 1 pool game in the world that is played on iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Windows, and in browsers as well. The best thing about the game is that it is totally free to play. You just need to increase your level by defeating other players to unlock the next stages.

You can win new cues along with the purchasing option for some special cues. From app purchases, you can buy the game coins against real money, and then you can buy your favorite cues or game cash as well. But if you don’t want to spend money, you can still win the best cues of the game by completing the challenges.

There was a time when I was also an addict to 8 ball pool and I spend hours on the game without knowing what is happening around me. In the offline mode, you can play it one-on-one with your friends on the same device.

You can also join different tournaments, and leagues, or play with other online players. 8 Ball Pool for iPhone requires 165MB of storage space on your iPhone or iPad.

8. Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds is a game that is famous among all ages of people. From kids to adults and from adults to seniors, this game can attract any mobile gamer and can easily makes you a mobile gaming addict.

The Angry Birds franchise is expanded so quickly that now it is very hard to pick the best Angry Birds game from its 18 different versions. But, I have selected Angry Birds 2 (2015) for this list of most addicting free iOS games.

The objective of the game is to defeat the pigs to save precious eggs by hitting the birds of your choice, using a slingshot. You can make different strategies in the game to bring down the big towers and to win the game.

In this simple and fun game, you can play with millions of online players worldwide and you can select the birds of your choice as well to fling.  You can also play the game with your friends and can compete with other players. You can complete the daily challenges and go to higher levels.

Angry Birds 2 is free on the App Store.

9. Candy Crush Friends Saga

It is a sweet matching puzzle game that makes a lot of people addicted. In Candy Crush Friends Saga, you can meet with the friends who are ready to help you in the game to blast through blockers by creating various sweet candy combinations.

The overall theme of the game and the mechanism of matching of sweet candies remain intact. With this, now your friends in the Candy Kingdom have various powers that will help you to reach the next levels.

In this version of the Candy Crush franchise game, you will have updated graphics and new characters. The game is free to play on your iPhone and iPad.

Candy Crush Friends Saga is available on App Store to download for FREE.

10. Fortnite

If I talk about the Battle Royale games or the action games then Fortnite is a game that is popular in the mobile gaming market. It is a cartoon-style graphics game where you have different missions.

In the game, 100 players will be dropped on a small island. The place will have different resources to construct big structures, weapons, and a lot of items to collect. These weapons and items will help you to make your strategy in the game.

The winner will be the last person standing on the island alone. So, to win the game you either need to finish others, or you need to keep yourself hidden from all other players. Obviously, it will be not easy to hide from others.

One more thing that makes the game more interesting is that the area of the island where you are trying to survive will keep shrinking which makes it more difficult and tricky to win the game.

You can download Fortnite on iPhone or iPad for FREE. (The game has been removed from the App Store.)

11. Bubble Witch 3 Saga

When it comes to Puzzle games, bubble shooting is fun and you can find a lot of different games like this. But the Bubble Witch 3 Saga from the makers of Canady Crush Saga is a game that can just make the time fly by.

This is an amazing shooting + puzzle game in which you have to shoot the bubbles with the same color and finish all the bubbles before they reach down. The game has different stages and becomes more difficult as you progress.

This is one of the best free iPhone games for 4 years old to 40 years old. You can download the game from for free.

12. Crossy Road

For me, Crossy Road is not just a game, it’s LOVE. This is a very simple game that doesn’t have a high graphic that doesn’t drain your battery but it makes you so busy then you forget what is happening around you.

This is the most addicting game on iPhone in a true sense. You just need to make a quick decision while crossing the roads that have high traffic, passing trains on a track.

You can download Crossy Road for free from the App Store. You can master this game if you have quick reflexes.

13. Snake VS Block

Most of you still remember the snake game on Nokia 3310. This is not like that but has even more fun than that simple snake game. In Snake vs Block, you need to add more segments to give more life to your snake by collecting the segments on your way.

Then you have to cross the blocks by choosing the smallest number so that you lose the fewer segments and your snake can breathe.

You can download Snake vs Block from App Store for free.

14. Color Road

The concept of the game is very simple. You are controlling a color ball on a road and you need to collect more balls of the same color. You need to make sure that you don’t hit any ball that is not of the same color as yours.

The color of your ball will keep changing after every few seconds and you need to keep an eye on that color. With that, the difficulty level of the game keeps increasing as the speed of the rolling ball on the road increases.

Color Road game is available on the App Store and it is free to download.

15. Differences – Find & Spot Them

You might have compared two pictures and tried to find the differences in seemingly identical photos. “Differences” is the same game on iOS where you need to test your skills of detection and concentration.

In this game, you need to find the difference within a given time. You can enlarge the pictures as well to have a closer look. With that, you can also use the thing to get a clue about the differences that you are not able to detect.

Once you find the difference, you need to tap on that. You will enjoy the different levels of the game. You can download the game for free on your iPhone or iPad.

16. Temple Run 2

Temple Run is one of the most famous games on Android and iOS and Temple Run 2 is one of the most addictive iPhone games of all time as well. There is an endless map that you need to run on and to cross different obstacles and to collect items.

You need to get more powers and this is only possible when you run for a long time. Temple Run 2 is available for free.

I will add more games to the list very soon 🙂

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