How To Promote Your Mobile App To Get More Downloads?



Having a mobile application is not enough. The ultimate goal is to get more downloads and installations from real users.

For a new Android or iOS app, it is difficult to attract mobile users to install your application on their mobiles. If you are a big company then you won’t face many problems, but for small businesses, it is a tough task.

In this article, I will provide a few tips to promote your iOS app and get more installations to generate leads. Here are some tips;

Use Main Keywords in Description

When you upload the app to the App Store or Google Play, make sure to use the main keywords in the description. If you define the purpose of your app in detail then there are more chances that your app will appear in the relevant apps market.

Try to use an attractive image as well that describes what your application will do. An image is a great way to get the attention of the users on mobile devices.

Make a How-To Video

A video is very important for users to make them understand how your app will work. In your how-to video show, how is your user interface and how to find different options?

Try to explain each and everything related to your app in detail. When someone watches your video and he understands how to use the app, it is highly expected that he will download and install your application as well.

Promote on YouTube

YouTube is the biggest search engine for video content. You can create different review videos of your mobile app on different devices. You can upload these videos on YouTube channels.

Or you can contact other YouTubers who review different mobile apps and can request them to install your mobile app on their devices and make a review video.

If some famous YouTuber who has a channel for mobile app reviews, shows your mobile app on his YouTube channel, then you can get more installations from interested people.

Promote on Apps Related Websites

With proper blogger outreach, you can request admins from different websites to write an introductory article about your mobile app and publish it on their website.

Or, you can provide a unique and informative article for free and request them to publish that article on their website with a link back to the app link on Google Play or App Store.

If you have an SEO expert in your team, he will find 100s of blogs relevant to mobile apps and can promote your mobile app on those blogs.

Promote Your App on iPhone-AppStore

If you want to promote your application on my website, or you want me to review your mobile app, you can contact me. I will write an honest review of your mobile app and publish that review on my website.

Here you can check a few iOS app reviews on my website. I can also make a video review for your app and publish it on my YouTube channel.

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