Apple Apparently Testing 3D Printing for the Next Watch

Apple 3D Printing

Apple 3D Printing

  • According to recent reports, Apple is experimenting with the use of 3D printing technology in order to manufacture the chassis for the next generation of the Apple Watch 9.
  • According to Bloomberg, if the preliminary testing of Apple’s 3D printing technology is successful, the company will implement it for the manufacturing of additional items.
  • According to the report, the company has not yet been successful in mass-producing 3D-printed metal casings like those used in Apple’s Mac and iPad product lines.

According to a report by Bloomberg, which cited people who understand the topic, Apple is experimenting with the application of 3D printers in order to manufacture the stainless steel frame for its soon-to-be-released wristwatch.

According to a report from Bloomberg on Wednesday, the organization is apparently testing the technology for the first time during production for the next Apple Watch 9. If everything goes well, Apple will reportedly incorporate the technology into the production procedure for more devices in the future years.

At the moment, the chassis of an Apple Watch is created by sculpting thin sheets of metal towards the desired shape. According to those acquainted with the matter, the 3D printing process would cut down on the length of time required to manufacture the devices as well as the volume of material that would be required.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple does not yet have the capability to mass-create printed-in 3D aluminum enclosures like those used in their Mac and iPad product lines. However, the company does plan to use the 3D printing method on the next edition of the titanium-encased Apple Watch Ultra somewhere in the coming year.

In accordance with a target set in 2017 and confirmed by the business in 2022, Apple ultimately intends to procure recycled steel or aluminum to be utilized in the enclosures of its products.

Apple’s usage of recycled aluminum is growing into something of an industry standard. The firm stated that by the year 2021, 59% of the total aluminum that was used in devices originated from reclaimed sources, and that “many products” used entirely recovered aluminum in the casings of their products.

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