How To Use iPhone as Your Office and Workplace Management Device?

office hoteling iPhone

office hoteling iPhone

Everyone knows that Smartphones can be used for multi-purposes. Now, most of the functions that were supposed to do with dedicated gadgets are available in Smartphones, especially on the iPhone.

Office management and workplace management are the two main requirements for any business and office. You need to synchronize your office data on your phone so that you can work remotely.

For this purpose, various apps are available on iPhone that allows you to sync your office data. You can also use iPhone to promote your business through digital marketing.

Once it is synced, you can manage all the work on your iPhone remotely. CloudKit provides you with a solution to share complex data between your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other devices. Whereas, to sync your Office documents on your Windows PC and on your iPhone, you can use the Dropbox application.

Then there are different office applications are available on iOS that can be used to create/edit any excel or MS word file.

On the other hand, workplace management (office hoteling) is a new way to use the office place. Unlike the traditional ways, in-office hoteling, employees can choose their own workplace and desk at their convenient time.

Office Hoteling or Workplace Management

Hot desk booking software provides businesses with this facility to book the office desk and other resources in the office. This software is available for desktop PCs and for mobile devices as well.

Its efficient and amazing workplace management software prevents duplicate booking with its AI-based algorithms. The software is provided by DeskFlex and it is available at an affordable price.

The best thing about this desk booking software is that you can have a demo as well before you can decide to buy it. Just have your 30 days free trial to check if it fulfills your requirements or not.

You can also make up your mind during these 30 days about what are the extra features you need in this amazing workplace management software.

The tactic is another great iOS app that you can install on your iPhone or iPad. This application does the same work and helps employees in booking their office desk, workplace, workstation, and other resources.

From a user-friendly dashboard of the tactic app, you can see the schedule of your co-workers. You don’t need to ask others who are going to the conference room next and what would be the available time for you.

Just check their schedule and look for the available slots. From the available slots, you can book the conference hall for your use.

So, either you use a hot desk booking software, or you use the tactic app, you can use your iPhone to manage your office data, and can also manage your office work including other resources.

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