Engrave Your Name on iPhone Or Use a Customized Phone Case?

customized iPhone cases

customized iPhone cases

In my previous article, I talked about whether should I use a case for iPhone or not. Today, I will talk about engraving a name on the iPhone and using a name on the iPhone case. Which one is better?

Engrave Your Name on Your iPhone

This is a great idea to have your name or a customized message on your own iPhone. The old iPhones came in the metallic back and engraved names on them as possible by using laser engraving machines.

But now, the back of the iPhone is made of glass and every laser machine is not suitable to engrave the name on iPhone. But the good thing is that Apple is offering a free service to get your iPhone online with a laser-engraved customized message.

While placing your order for a new iPhone, you can use this service. Apple will send you an iPhone with a laser engraved message or your name. It is up to you what message you send them to engrave.

Use Customized iPhone Case

If you decide to use a customized iPhone case, you have limited options in Apple’s store. You can’t get a phone case with your name engraved, or with a customized message on that. So, on the official Apple store, you can get a simple phone case.

But, nothing to worry about here. Because there are a lot of options to have customized iPhone cases from reliable stores. You can buy the best iPhone cases online with your customized message.

Just like engraving names from the Apple store, you need to send provide your preferred name or custom message while placing an order for your favorite iPhone case.

Apart from the names and messages, you can also provide a picture that you like to be printed on your phone case. This makes the use of the iPhone case better than engraving the name on the back of the phone.

Using Case or Engraving Name on iPhone?

Now the question is, which option is better? Well, it entirely depends on your own liking and disliking. For me, using a customized case is a better option. Because I can change it any time and can match its color with my dressing as well. I can also use a customized iPhone case for a special event as well.

Whereas, if I engrave a name on the back of the iPhone, it will be permanent. I can’t change the message for another event. Even if I need to sell my iPhone after some time, I may feel difficulty because of my name or my message on its back.

The new buyer of my phone might dislike having my name or my message on the back of the phone.

So, according to me, using a customized iPhone case with a custom message is a better option as compared to engraving the name on the back of the phone with a laser machine.

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