Do I Need a Customised Phone Case for My iPhone?

Customised Phone Case iPhone 11

Customised Phone Case iPhone 11

A lot of people use phone cases as an extra layer of protection. They believe that a phone case can protect their phone (especially an iPhone) from shocks and scratches.

Without any doubt, they are right that a phone case can protect their expensive iPhone.

Apple and Cnet claim that iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 don’t need phone case protection as Apple has added four times better drop protection by using a ceramic shield. So, some people love to use their iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 caseless.

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Personally, I won’t mind using a phone case with your iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 because there is nothing wrong to add an extra layer of protection over the 4 times added drop protection.

Why Customised Phone Case for iPhone 11?


Well, it is up to you whether you use a phone case with the upper models, but believe me, your iPhone 11 needs a protective phone case. If you are the one who doesn’t like phone cases because it is not looking good, then you should go for a customised phone case for iPhone 11.

With this option, you can customize your iPhone case according to your own choice and it will be like making a DIY iPhone 11 case.

You can use your own pictures or the picture of your family members. You can select the color of your own choice. Moreover, you can use natural scenery as well to have a good feel.

Customized iPhone 13 Case Cover

I had a lot personalised phone cases options available, but I selected to use a picture of my little sweet baby boy and place the order. It is a good feeling to have your loved one on your phone every time you take your phone out.

Advantages of using Phone Cases

Do I need a phone Case With iPhone 11? Now, if you still have this question in your mind, then here are some advantages of using a case with your iPhone.

Extra Protection

We have already talked about this advantage. Most people use an iPhone case to protect it from different scratches that can appear on the phone body or front glass.

When they keep their phone in the pocket with the car keys, it would mark many scratches on iPhone 11 screen.

Repairs are Expensive

Normally, it will cost your around $200 or even more if you need to replace your iPhone screen. iPhone backplate repair is even more expensive repairing may damage your phone further.

So, why not avoid these extra repairing charges by having a $30 or $40 case on your phone? It could save you expensive repairs.

It Saves Time

In most cases, you need to hand over your phone to a repairer who needs time to get it repaired for you. Sometimes, there might be a shortage of available accessories, like an iPhone screen or the backplate, so you have to wait for some extra time to get your iPhone repaired.

When you are using an iPhone case, it will save your time as well by protecting your iPhone from getting damaged.

It Looks Cool

A customized phone case for iPhone 11 looks more cool and stylish. You can have different cases according to the event. Like a case for Valentine’s day, a case for independence day, a case for Christmas, or a new year’s eve.

Same way, you can have different matching phone cases with your dress. This option is suitable for most girls like me who love to use a matching phone case to look more stylish.

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