6 Tips to Increase the Battery Life of Your iPhone

iPhone battery saving tips

iPhone battery saving tips

It’s hard to imagine a life without a smartphone these days. A lot of our daily life depends on it starting from making a grocery list, to-do list, checking emails, shopping online, listening to music, to watching videos.

I have been using my iPhone to watch YouTube videos, make streaks on Snapshot, and watch funny vines on Tiktok lately. Although my Charter Spectrum offers to cover all my Internet activities, one thing that makes me cringe is the low battery. I am sure you have experienced this too.  A low battery isn’t always an indication that it’s to replace your iPhone’s battery. Sometimes, you need to change your habits. But there’s more to it. That’s why I bring to you some cool tips to save battery on your iPhone:

Turn On the Low Power Mode

I always enable the lower power mode on my iPhone. Want to know why? Because it disables all downloads and data usage in the background. Your device only performs the task you have commanded it to perform.

To activate this mode, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the settings of your iPhone
  2. Tap onto battery
  3. Choose lower powder mode

Once it is activated, you will see the battery icon on the notification bar turn yellow. Keep in mind you can toggle this feature only if your phone’s battery is 80% or below.

Reduce the Brightness of Your Screen

If the brightness of your screen is to the maximum, it could be eating away a significant chunk of your iPhone’s battery. Well, some of us like bright light but it’s not needed when you are at home or when you are not using your phone, right?

The easy way out is to activate auto-brightness on your iPhone. This way, your phone’s brightness will adjust automatically based on the lighting situation. This is a real battery saver. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Settings of your iPhone
  2. Tap onto accessibility
  3. Choose display and text size
  4. Pick auto brightness from the options and toggle it

Check these hidden features of the iPhone. Things you don’t know your iPhone could do.

Toggle Off Location Services

When location services are on, that means the GPS is constantly running in the background. This is bad news for the battery of your iPhone. So put your device to rest by turning off the location services.

You may reach the notification panel and turn off location services from there directly. Or follow these steps to toggle off the location services:

  1. Go to the settings of your iPhone
  2. Choose privacy
  3. Then pick location services and toggle them off

Only keep the location on when you need it. Remember that this will affect the weather app and other apps on your phone that fetch your location to work. Whenever you have to use any of these apps, simply turn on the location, use the app, and then turn off the location.

Turn Off Bluetooth and AirDrop

Just like location services, Bluetooth and AirDrop consume a lot of battery as well. When you are not using these services, there’s no reason to connect them at all times, right? Therefore, turn them off.

Here’s you can turn off the Bluetooth in your iPhone:

  1. Go to the settings of your iPhone
  2. Click on Bluetooth
  3. Toggle it off

This is how you can turn off the AirDrop:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Tap general
  3. Choose AirDrop from the options
  4. Toggle it off

Flip Vibration Off

I am guessing your iPhone might be on vibration mode right now. You will be surprised to learn that the vibration mechanic eats up the battery, too. Yes! Instead of putting it on vibration mode, switch to silent mode, or just turn on the ringer.

Follow these steps to turn off the variation on your iPhone:

  • Go to the settings
  • Choose sounds and haptics
  • Turn off vibration on the sound or vibrate on silent
  • Switch to silent mode (if you want to)

Switch Off Wi-Fi

If your phone is already on a low battery and you don’t have access to a charger, turning off Wi-Fi helps save battery. When a device is connected to Wi-Fi, something’s constantly running in the background. It could be your Instagram, Facebook, or other instant messenger apps. And when the device is active, it’s obviously eating up battery life.

A simple solution is to turn off the Wi-Fi. You can do that from the control panel of your iPhone.

To Conclude, Sleep With the Airplane Mode On

In desperate times, airplane mode helps save battery too. You won’t be able to receive calls or send a text but you will still be able to use your Internet deals or connect to the Wi-Fi. iMessage might even work too.

I prefer sleeping with the airplane mode on for a peaceful sleep. Plus, even if my phone’s battery is running low and I don’t have the energy to reach the outlet, I can still sleep knowing the battery won’t die.

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