iPhone Tips & Tricks: Things You Don’t Know Your iPhone Could Do

iphone tips tricks hidden features

iphone tips tricks hidden features

We all know that there are so many simple and easy to use features which are available in the Android devices but iPhone is lacking those features and many Android users are using Android devices just because of these simple things which they can’t get in a stable, fast and secure iPhone powered by the iOS.

But, there are many hidden features in the iPhone about which even the many iPhone users are unaware. We will provide a few simple iPhone tips and tricks that can make you a happy iPhone user.

1. Make a Quick Call

Just like you, whenever I needed to call the number last dialed from my iPhone, I use to go to recent tabs to dial the last call number but now I have a pretty good shortcut to make the call very quickly on last dialed number using my iPhone.

If you also want to call to your last dialed number quickly then open the iPhone Phone app (the green button) and don’t click on the recent tab which shows the recent call logs. Instead, tap on the green button on your dialer keypad, it will show you the last dial number. Tap the same button again and your iPhone will connect you to the last dialed number.

2. Quickly Zoom at any part of the Screen

You can quickly zoom at any part of the screen of your iPhone. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Zoom and then activate the Zoom settings. You can also activate the Show Controller option from the same menu. Now you can activate or deactivate zooming by double tap the screen with your three fingers. When you double tap with three fingers at any part of the screen, it will zoom that part.

Now you can use the zoom controller to change the location of the screen which should be visible in zooming area. Double tap with three fingers again to deactivate the zooming.

3. Delete the Last Number in Calculator

Like many others, you might also be using the C key to delete the text if you type a wrong number. In this way, if you press the C key, the whole expression will be lost and you have to type the complete number again which is not a good thing at all. But your iPhone has a simple calculator trick to delete the last number.

Just swipe your finger right or left on the number screen and it will delete the last typed number only. You can swipe on the calculator screen as many times as you want and it will keep deleting the numbers one by one on every swipe.

4. Take Screen Shot on iPhone X and Previous Models

Many iPhone users are familiar with the procedure of taking a screenshot on the earlier models. It can be done by pressing the home button along with the power button at once. But iPhone X don’t have a home button so iPhone X users don’t know how they can take a screenshot of their iPhone X.

You can capture your screen by pressing the Siri button on the right and the volume up button at same time. It’s done, you have taken the screenshot of your iPhone X.

5. Stop Music While Sleeping

Most Smartphone users go to sleep while listening music on their phone. When they sleep music keeps playing until the battery drained. You can stop your music automatically while sleeping and can save your battery. Just open your Clock app and go to the timer.

From When Timer Ends select Stop Playing. Now set the time, let’s say you select 15 minutes and tap on start. Now timer will start and you can keep listening to your music. During 15 minutes if you are sleeping and music is still playing, it will stop automatically when the timer hits zero after complete 15 minutes.

6. Take Pictures Without Stopping Video Recording

While you are recording a video on your iPhone and the same time you want to take the picture of something, you can do this without stopping the video recording. To do so, just press the shutter key with the video recording button while you are recording your video and it will take the pictures along with video recording.

7. Use your iPhone Camera as a Magnifier

You want a magnifier glass but don’t have one? No need to worry, your iPhone is your magnifier glass. Just go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Magnifier. Enable this option. Now whenever you want to use a magnifier, press your home button three times and your camera will become a magnifier glass. You can control the magnification level as well on this screen.

These are the seven tips which most of the iPhone users don’t know about. Moreover, if you don’t know the method to create Apple ID without a credit card then you can read this article. If you have any other suggestions about the iPhone tips and tricks or you want to know something, just use the comment form below and ask your question.

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