What is New in Recent Apple’s Event From Apple for iPhone Users?

iPhone 13 Pro Alpine Green Apple Event iPhone SE 2022

iPhone 13 Pro Alpine Green Apple Event iPhone SE 2022

All eyes were at Apple’s event on 8th March. iPhone users were expecting a new budget iPhone version whereas they were expecting some new editions to the current iPhone 13.

Here are some new announcements and offers from Apple for iPhone users:

iPhone SE 2022

Apple announced its budget phone at this launch event. iPhone SE 3rd generation (2022) was announced that will be available from the 18th of this month (expected date).

iPhone SE 2022 comes with improved battery life and a 5G connectivity option. With that, it is also featuring an A15 Bionic chip that is also used in iPhone 13 series.

As it is a budget phone from Apple, the introductory price is just 429$ which is fair enough for a low-priced iPhone.

The display is the same as the previous iPhone SE and that is 4.7 inches. But this time glass on the front and back of the iPhone SE 2022 is tough. It is the same glass that is used in iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro.

iPhone SE 2022 comes with a 6 core CPU chipset of A15 Bionic and that means this iPhone will perform 1.8 times better than iPhone 8. The GPU that is used in this 3rd generation iPhone SE has 4 cores and it can perform 2.2x faster than iPhone 8.

iPhone 13 Green Color

At Apple’s event, it also introduces a brand new color for iPhone 13. This saturated green color is acceptable for many critics and they appreciated this green color for iPhone 13.

A lot of YouTubers and review makers have made their reviews about this color, and a consensus is developed that this iPhone 13 in green color can be a good addition to iPhone 13 line.

Last year, Apple introduced the purple iPhone 12 as a new addition to the color line. Apple follows that trend and it introduced a new color for iPhone 13.

According to Allison Johnson, the green color that is offered by Apple for iPhone 13 is more beautiful and acceptable as compared to the green color offered by Samsung for its Galaxy S22.

Now, if you are going to buy the new iPhone 13 in green color, then do consider using an iPhone case as well. We have a detailed discussion on do you need an iPhone case or not and you can check that.

You can buy an iPhone case from the official website of Apple. But if you feel that it is costly and you need the same quality at a lower price, then you should check iPhone 13 cases on AliExpress. Here you can get a lot of cases for iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. Just find one that suits your personality.

iPhone 13 Pro Alpine Green

With iPhone SE 2022 and iPhone 13 Green color, Apple also launched a new iPhone 13 Pro in Alpine green color. According to Allison Johnson, the Alpine green color in iPhone 13 Pro is the best green Smartphone at the moment. According to him, Green iPhone 13 is at second and Galaxy S22 Gree is at third place.

Allison Johnson said that he liked the softer green color of the iPhone 13 Pro because the iPhone logo stands out more than he thought about it.

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