Best Packing List Apps For Travelers: iOS and Android

Packing List Apps

Packing List Apps

Whether you are going hiking, on a business trip, or on a family vacation, packing your bag is the most important thing to do. A lot of travelers forget to pack the most essential items because their mind is overloaded with the thoughts of upcoming adventure and events.

A simple solution is to create a manual packing list. But unfortunately, it is not much efficient. When you are in hurry, you can even forget your travel packing list. Or, you might miss some items while manually checking your packing cubes.

So, what would be the most efficient and working solution?

Packing List Apps (iOS & Android)

When you are living in the age of Smartphones, why not take advantage of mobile apps? You can easily find different packing list apps for your Android or iOS mobile. These packing apps will help you in getting everything with you on the trip that is needed.

A lot of packing apps are available for both Android and iOS users. But here, we will discuss only those packing list apps which are available for both platforms, i.e for Android and for iOS.

With these packing apps, you can also check these best fitness and workout apps.

1. PackPoint travel packing list

With millions of installations on Android and iOS, PackPoint is one of the best packings apps available for both iOS and Android. Once you install and open this app, it will ask you about your tour.

You need to enter different details about the trip, like what is the duration, destination, and many more things. It will also ask you about how often will you use the laundry or how often you will change your clothes.

Based on this information, the PackPoint Travel Packing List app will generate a packing list for your tour. Of course, you can edit the list by adding a few more items and deleting any items from the suggested packing list.

You can share your list on social media so that if more people are traveling with you, they knew what are items you have in your packing cube.

This travel packing app will create a list for a single person. If you are traveling with the family, family members should have to create their own list on their own Smartphones.

2. Packing List for Travel – PackKing

With more than half a million installations on Android and iOS devices, ‘PackKing’ is another great packing list app for travelers. This packing list app will generate a list of items for you that you can later edit as per your requirements.

You will not miss a single item in your best packing cubes when you are using this packing app.

Once you have this app on your mobile, you need to select the activities that you can perform on your adventurous tour. Some of the activities that you can select are cycling, diving, fishing, festivals, and many more.

With that, you can also select the kind of transport you use during the trip. It might be an airplane, public transport, camper, car or a maxi taxi as well. Then you can also select the expected weather conditions at your destination.

When you have done all this, Packing List for Travel PackKing app will generate a packing list for you. You can then remove or add any items. You can also make categories of different items.

Checking your packing cubes for all the packed items with the final travel packing list on your mobile will be super easy.

3. uPackinglist Packing checklist

A less popular, but still effective packing list app is uPackinglist Packing checklist. It has about 100K combined installations on Android and iOS devices. What makes this packing list app different from others, is the ability to select the items from a list of 300 items.

You can just scroll down and keep selecting the items that you need for your tour. You can also add information about your travel trip. For example, the destination, weather, duration, companions, dates, and much more.

Based on this information, uPackinglist Packing checklist app will suggest its own packing list app as well. Whether you create your own manual list, or you get an automated list from this packing list app, you can edit it as your own.

If you need to buy some items, you can add them to the list as well and this packing app will remind you about those items. You can also create categories and you can reuse the packing list from this app on your next similar tour.

4. MyLuggage | Packing list for every trip

The basic working and algorithm of this packing list app is the same as those mentioned above. You have to enter the destination, dates, duration and the app will generate a packing list for you.

The best feature of this app that makes it different from others is that the items on the list are categorized as ‘must-have items’ and ‘items you may need’. So, you can more easily customize your list and can focus more on the must-have items.

Like other mobile apps, this app will also help you in checking your packing cubes for the items on the list. You may also find a lot of informative articles on this packing list app.

With the help of these articles, you can learn different life hacks and travel hacks that make your trip more exciting.

This packing list app has about 15,000 installations on Android and iOS.

5. Packtor – Packing List Creator

This professional packing list app is also available for both iOS and Android devices and it has more than 10,000 installations. This packing app is less popular, but it will do the task at its best.

You will have to do the same things that are required on other packing apps. Like selecting dates, destination, duration, and all that. This app will generate an automatic packing list that you can edit as per your own requirements.

You can rename the categories as well and you can check each and every item that you have packed in your suitcase.

If you have an account on this packing list app, you can synchronize your packing list on all the devices that you have. You can also share the list on your social media accounts. With that, you can also take a print of your list. Again, you should have an account on this app to avail these features.

Final Words

Though there are a lot more packing list apps available for Android and iPhone. But these 5 packing apps are best and are available on both App Store and Google Play Store.

If you have any of the above apps on your mobile, you will feel the difference. Packing your suitcase would never be that much easy before. Now, even if you are in hurry, you won’t forget any of the essentials behind while you are on a vacation tour or a business tour.

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