Apple was ‘Near’ to an iPad 14-inch in 2023

14-inch iPad

14-inch iPad

Apple supposedly came very close to developing a super-sized iPad Pro that was much bigger than the hugest 12.9-inch model, including a 14-inch version being examined for a possible launch in 2023 at a certain point. This information comes from a report that was published by Bloomberg.

It is believed that Apple will be readying an upgrade to the iPad Pro at the beginning of 2024. This upgrade is expected to include OLED technology as well as the introduction of a 13-inch device to replace the 12.9-inch variant. However, Apple could have made the model even bigger if they wanted to.

Mark Gurman, writing for Bloomberg’s “Power On” email on Sunday, asserts that Apple was quite close to introducing a 14-inch iPad Pro at a certain point, but that the company ultimately decided to update to a 13-inch model instead. Gurman says this information was included in the newsletter.

Gurman first mentioned that the bigger iPad Pro would be in the works around 2021 and that it might potentially be released within the following years. However, further leaks over the road kept the promise that Apple remained actively working on the concept.

Ross Young, who worked for DSCC at the time, predicted in June 2022 that Apple would release a tablet with a screen size of 14.1 inches in the early part of 2023. However, this prediction was not realized.

The possibility of a 16-inch iPad being released in the final quarter of 2023 was suggested in a study that was published in October 2022. The article did concede, however, that the product may not make it out of development alive.

Although Gurman did indicate that Apple is working on the product, it does not appear like there will be an official announcement for a device with a large-screened device in the near future, nor for a considerable amount of time beyond that.

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