iPhone is on Top by Gaining 87% Profit of Total Smartphone Industry Q4 2017

iPhone X Quarter 4 Profit Share

iPhone X Quarter 4 Profit Share

According to Counterpoint Research, Apple was able to generate 86% profit of Smartphone industry. The report said that Apple’s iPhone X alone captured the 35% share of total profit of Smartphone industry during the last quarter of 2017.

Overall, there was a decrease of 1% of profit year to year whereas Apple’s profit grew to 1% year to year. In the top 10 list of smartphones which gets highest profits, there are 8 models of iPhone including their 3 years old model. The survey shows that iPhone X, the big screen model, had gained more than one-third of the total profit. If we compare it to the Android phones, then iPhone X alone generates 5 times more profit than 600 android manufacturer’s combined profit during October to December.


It is expected that total profit share of iPhone X will grow as the above study is for the last quarter of 2017 in which iPhone X was available only for two months i.e. November and December. According to Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, every time they ship the iPhone to market, the iPhone X remains the biggest seller each week.

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He further said that the sale of iPhone X during the holiday season was much better than the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

During the question-answer session, Tim Cook said the sales were not limited to the holiday season for iPhone X, but it is still getting a good response during the first quarter of 2018, especially in February.

The progress chart for the sales of iPhone models during past 5 to 6 years by AppleInsider shows that there is a huge increase in sales of iPhone models during the first quarter of each year since 2015. Same is the case in 2018’s 1st quarter as well and same is what Tim Cook said in his statement.


Another fact is that, if we look at the total number of units sold by Apple during the last quarter then it is 17.9% of total Smartphone units sold to the end user during this period. Apple is on the second place here, as Samsung was on first place by selling 18.2% units of total units sold.

Despite selling more units as compared to Apple, Samsung’s profit share is only 10% of total Smartphone industry’s profit and it places Samsung in the second place after Apple.

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