Apple CEO Tim Cook to be in Birmingham To Receive Human Rights Award

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Birmingham Metro Southern leadership conference is holding annual keeper of dream awards. There will be big names joining the annual awards and Tim cook will be one of them.

This is the tenth award ceremony hosted and Apple CEO is in the honoree sector. This year special awards will be given in the memory of the Martin Luther King Jr. The awarded team has been named as the “Golden Halo Fit For a King”.

Unlike every year this year venue is different. These awards are being held at April 4 at the Sheraton Civic center in Birmingham.

It is the fiftieth anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr who was assassinated in 19 century. Martin Luther King was among those people who dedicated their lives to an equal level of justice. He was a preacher of the idea that all humans must be given same justice.

Apple CEO Tim Cook will be there to receive human rights award of 2018. This is confirmed by the Birmingham Metro SCLC. Cook presence in the award ceremony has yet to be confirmed officially by Apple.

These awards are particularly awarded to the people who work hard for the equality and human rights. People carrying the will of Martin Luther King Jr, are worthy to be recognized and given credit.

Civil rights are something which was not given but were taken by the efforts of these hardworking people. These people put others life’s first.

Apple CEO is a hardcore advocate of the equality and civil rights. For such reasons, “Apple is a great place to work in”.

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