More People Switched To Android From iPhone: Something Apple Should Worry About

Move to Android From iPhone

According to a report by Apple itself, 26% of iPhone users stopped using iPhone and they opted for an Android phone. The report shows the stats of 5 quarters and during the 1st and the 2nd quarter each, 26% of people moved from iPhone to Android devices.

One of Apple’s representatives said that this shift is due to the high prices of the iPhone during the corona pandemic. According to him, the economy of the whole world is disturbed and the buying power has been decreased due to the lockdown.

He said that people are looking for a cheaper phone these days as they can’t afford to buy a new iPhone 12. Another report from Android Central shows that the percentage of people who move from iPhone to Android phones varies each quarter.

During the 5 quarters shown in this report, Apple has a total of 81% loyal users on average. This overall average is good, but Apple has to provide some new features to its users to keep its loyal iOS users.

Apple Loyalty

Now, the question is why Apple revealed these stats by itself? Well, we all know that there is a legal battle between Apple and Epic Games who made the Fortnite game. The Fortnite game is there on the list of most addicting iPhone games.

Epic Games introduced its own payment method for Fortnite and bypass Apple Pay. That means they are not willing to pay commission to Apple Inc.

After this move, Apple decided to remove the Fortnite game from App Store and as a result, Epic Games dragged Apple to the court. Their stance on this issue is that Apple’s ecosystem is against the rules of a competitive market.

Due to Apple’s policies, users don’t have an option to switch to other platforms, says Epic Games in the court.

To counter this argument, Apple released this report in order to win this legal battle. They are willing to use these stats to show that users still have a clear option to move to other platforms and they are already switching.

According to Epic Games, Apple should reduce its commission and they presented an email that was sent to Steve Jobs, around 10 years ago. In this email, the marketing chief of Apple Phil Schiller advised Steve Jobs to reduce the commission as he believes that developers may not continue with this 30% commission.

Whereas, according to Apple, the move by Epic Games to introduce their own payment method is totally against the policies of Apple Makers.

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