Amazon now has the Apple Watch Series 8 for $310

Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Series 8

There is now a 22% discount available for the Red, Starlight, and Midnight models.

The eighth generation of the Apple Watch is now available for purchase on Amazon once more, and the price of some of its color options has dropped to an all-time low. The 41mm Series 8 watches with Starlight or Midnight aluminum casings and bands can be purchased for $310 at Amazon, which happens to be the lowest price we have seen them go for anywhere online.

It sold for as little as $280 on Amazon Prime Day, but you’re able to at least buy one today at a cost that is 22 percent less than retail if you lost out on your chance to purchase it during the previous opportunity. The particular version with a Red casing and band is currently on sale for the exact same price.

At the time of its debut a year ago, we hailed the Series 8 of the Apple Watch as the most advanced wristwatch available and lauded its “excellent fitness and health tools.” It is able to monitor your body temperature and, if the information is pertinent to you, it may utilize that data to establish whether or not you ovulated and the exact time it occurred.

The watch is also able to monitor the amount of oxygen in your blood and can evaluate the quality of sleep that you have been getting. In addition to that, it features ECG capabilities.

It includes a revamped version of the Workout app, which can make recommendations for different types of workouts. Without having to pull out your iPhone, you may utilize it to send and receive texts, make phone calls, and listen to music. You can also use it to gain access to your Mac, locate your other Apple devices, and make purchases with Apple Pay, just like you can with other Apple Watches.

Less than a handful of weeks ahead we can potentially learn out what is ahead for the wearable, the tech company is offering the gadgets at a reduced rate in order to clear inventory. Apple has just confirmed that the event for the iPhone 15 will take place on the 12th of September, and it is highly likely that the company is going to introduce the new Watch model simultaneously. This possibility has been made public by Apple.

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