What is HMI Draw, Native HMI/SCADA Development Environment



What is HMI?

The term “Human Machine Interface,” more commonly abbreviated as “HMI,” refers to a screen or dashboard that is utilized in the process of controlling machinery.

HMIs are extremely important in the industrial sector because they interpret complicated data into information that can be put to good use. Line operators, managers, and supervisors all rely on these displays.

Our SIMATIC HMI (Human Machine Interface) products are visualization solutions for more complicated processes and increased needs of industrial monitoring and operating systems. These products are efficient for engineering, easy to operate, and stunning for presentation.

You will benefit from a portfolio that is scalable in many ways, including machine-oriented visualization and higher-level SCADA systems.

HMI Draw, Native HMI/SCADA Development Environment

HMI Draw Native HMI SCADA Development Environment

HMI Draw is a “native” iOS application that may be used to create Human Machine Interfaces for the purpose of real-time monitoring & control of industrial PLC-based systems and processes.

The data is shown in page layouts that are extremely modifiable, much like an app that is used for presentations.

Who exactly is the intended recipient of this?

The app is geared toward automation engineers or industrial machine manufacturers in a variety of industries, including but not limited to industrial processing, building automation, power plants, water plants, transportation, and so on, who want to provide instant and reliable access to real-time data directly from iOS devices.

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Benefits of the Paid App

HMI Draw is an application that lets you design “Human Machine Interfaces” on the screen of your iPad in a way that is both incredibly simple to use and extremely enjoyable. These “Human Machine Interfaces” can be highly complex, efficient, and responsive.

The HMI Draw application is completely native and is compatible with all of the leading Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) brands. You are able to design and test projects of unlimited complexity at no further cost beyond the cost of the software, which is free.

At this point, there are no limits placed on the total amount of pages, tags, or PLCs that can be used. You won’t have to pay anything for project activations until you are prepared to roll out to end users.

HMI Draw Features That are Crucial

  • Extremely quick, both launches and connects straight away regardless of the size of the project.
  • Full support is provided for all possible data types, including strings, arrays, and dictionaries.
  • While you are running and monitoring your process, HMI Projects can be edited directly on-screen.
  • On either your PC or your Mac, you have the ability to export your project files to text format and modify those files.
  • HMI Draw enables you to export and import asset files to and from your computer, such as photos, pdfs, and audio files.
  • The possibility to store projects in the cloud and simple distribution to the devices used by end users
  • Communication protocols are native to PLC devices. It is possible to establish connections without using any intermediary servers or boxes.
  • Allen Bradley, Omron, Mitsubishi, Opto 22, Siemens, Schneider Electric, and Wago are among the major PLC brands that are supported by this platform.
  • A security protocol that is based on TCP/IP.

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