iPhone Tips & Tricks: Things You Don’t Know Your iPhone Could Do

iphone tips tricks hidden features

We all know that there are so many simple and easy to use features which are available in the Android devices but iPhone is lacking those features and many Android users are using Android devices just because of these simple things which they can’t get in a stable, fast and secure iPhone powered by the iOS. But, there are many hidden features in the iPhone about which even the many iPhone users are unaware. We will provide a few simple iPhone tips and tricks that can make you a happy iPhone user.

1. Make a Quick Call

Just like you, whenever I needed to call the number last dialed from my iPhone, I use to go to recent tabs to dial the last call number but now I have a pretty good shortcut to make the call very quickly on last dialed number using my iPhone. If you also want to call to your last dialed number quickly then open the iPhone Phone app (the green button) and don’t click on the recent tab which shows the recent call logs. Instead, tap on the green button on your dialer keypad, it will show you the last dial number. Tap the same button again and your iPhone will connect you to the last dialed number.

2. Quickly Zoom at any part of the Screen

You can quickly zoom at any part of the screen of your iPhone. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Zoom and then activate the Zoom settings. You can also activate the Show Controller option from the same menu. Now you can activate or deactivate zooming by double tap the screen with your three fingers. When you double tap with three fingers at any part of the screen, it will zoom that part. Now you can use the zoom controller to change the location of the screen which should be visible in zooming area. Double tap with three fingers again to deactivate the zooming.

3. Delete the Last Number in Calculator

Like many others, you might also be using the C key to delete the text if you type a wrong number. In this way, if you press the C key, the whole expression will be lost and you have to type the complete number again which is not a good thing at all. But your iPhone has a simple calculator trick to delete the last number. Just swipe your finger right or left on the number screen and it will delete the last typed number only. You can swipe on the calculator screen as many times as you want and it will keep deleting the numbers one by one on every swipe.

4. Take Screen Shot on iPhone X and Previous Models

Many iPhone users are familiar with the procedure of taking a screenshot on the earlier models. It can be done by pressing the home button along with the power button at once. But iPhone X don’t have a home button so iPhone X users don’t know how they can take a screenshot of their iPhone X. You can capture your screen by pressing the Siri button on the right and the volume up button at same time. It’s done, you have taken the screenshot of your iPhone X.

5. Stop Music While Sleeping

Most Smartphone users go to sleep while listening music on their phone. When they sleep music keeps playing until the battery drained. You can stop your music automatically while sleeping and can save your battery. Just open your Clock app and go to the timer. From When Timer Ends select Stop Playing. Now set the time, let’s say you select 15 minutes and tap on start. Now timer will start and you can keep listening to your music. During 15 minutes if you are sleeping and music is still playing, it will stop automatically when the timer hits zero after complete 15 minutes.

6. Take Pictures Without Stopping Video Recording

While you are recording a video on your iPhone and the same time you want to take the picture of something, you can do this without stopping the video recording. To do so, just press the shutter key with the video recording button while you are recording your video and it will take the pictures along with video recording.

7. Use your iPhone Camera as a Magnifier

You want a magnifier glass but don’t have one? No need to worry, your iPhone is your magnifier glass. Just go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Magnifier. Enable this option. Now whenever you want to use a magnifier, press your home button three times and your camera will become a magnifier glass. You can control the magnification level as well on this screen.

These are the seven tips which most of the iPhone users don’t know about. Moreover, if you don’t know the method to create Apple ID without a credit card then you can read this article. If you have any other suggestions about the iPhone tips and tricks or you want to know something, just use the comment form below and ask your question.


How To Create Apple ID Without Credit Card Payment Method

Create Apple ID Without Payment Method

For many new iPhone, iPad or iPod users, creating an Apple ID is a hectic task because whenever they try to create their Apple ID they are asked to provide a payment method which might be a Visa card, Master card, Paypal or any other payment method that is supported in their country. Without providing a payment method they can’t complete the Apple ID registration process. A lot of teenagers in UK, USA, Australia, Canada while a lot of people in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries don’t have any payment method that can be used online to make a purchase. They don’t know how to create Apple ID without payment method and thus they failed to activate their new iPhone, iPad or the iPod and they can’t install any application even if it is free because it will ask to sign in using an Apple ID.

For full proceducre, you can watch the video at the end of this article.

The good thing is that there is a trick which can be used to create an Apple ID without a payment method. When we call it a trick, many people might consider that its an illegal way to create the Apple ID. But you don’t need to worry, this is 100% legal and verified method and even provided on the official website of Apple.

How to Create Apple ID Without Payment Method?

It is very easy to register your new Apple ID without providing any credit card or Paypal information. Just follow the steps below and you will get your new Apple ID to use on your iDevices to purchase paid apps or to install the free apps without entering any payment method details.

Create Apple ID on iPhone, iPad or iPod

Many iOS users when tries to create their Apple ID they navigate to settings and from there they go to iTunes and App store. If you create your Apple ID from this menu, it will ask you to provide the payment method and you won’t be able to register your Apple ID without providing the payment method. You have to enter either your credit card details or your Paypal information. If you have a payment method then it is good to do, but if you don’t have then follow the steps below on your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

  1. Launch the App Store application on your iDevice.
  2. Find an application which you want to install, make it sure that you select a free application.
  3. Tap on that free application icon which you want to install.
  4. Tap on the Get button next to the app icon.
  5. It will ask for your Apple ID, click on Create new Apple ID.
  6. Follow the instructions, prove your Email, password, name and all other information which it asks.
  7. With this method, you will get the Payment method options and here you will find the last option as None which will not be available if you try to register from settings > iTunes and App Store menu. Click on None.
  8. Follow further instructions, upon completion of registration open the email address you used to create Apple ID and confirm the activation email sent from Apple.

All done, you have created your new Apple ID without a payment method.

Create an Apple ID on PC

If you want to create your new Apple ID on PC, then you should install the iTunes store first. Then find a free app on iTunes store and follow the instructions to create new Apple ID. On the payment method screen, select the option None and complete the steps. If you can’t find the free app on iTunes store then try to create your new Apple ID without payment method using the iPhone or iPad.

Create Apple ID on Mac Without Payment Method

Follow the steps below to create Apple ID using your Mac

  1. Launch App store on your mac.
  2. In the right side of the app, find the option Great Free Apps & Games and click on it.
  3. Click on Get and then click on Install App with the app icon.
  4. When you are asked to sign in, click on Create new Apple ID.
  5. Follow the instruction and all steps, when asked for payment method, select None on your Mac screen.
  6. Complete all other steps and in the last step verify the email to activate your Apple ID.

Use any of the above methods to create your Apple ID without providing any payment method. If you face any problem, use the comment box below to ask your questions.

Watch this video to register new Apple ID without a Credit card:


Apple’s App Store vs Google’s Play Store: A Brief Comparison

iPhone App Store vs Google Play Store

There are more than 2 billion Smartphone users in 2017 and it is expected that the number will cross the 5 billion mark in 2019. Most of the Smartphone users are either using iOS or Android operating system whereas fewer users are using Blackberry or Windows OS. iOS users can download an application from the Apple’s App store and if they have a jailbroken iPhone then they can use more options as well to download the applications whereas Android users can download their applications from the Google’s Play store or they can even install the application by using an APK.

Here we will provide a brief and neutral comparison between Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.

Account Registration Process

Apple ID for App Store: The process of creating an account on App store is somehow difficult. You have to provide a lot your personal details while creating your Apple ID which is used in the App store to install the applications on your iPhone or iPad. While creating an Apple ID for iPhone you also need to provide your credit card information so that you can buy they paid apps if required. Though there is a trick to create Apple ID without payment method, but most of the users don’t know about that trick. Overall it is difficult to create an Apple ID for an uneducated person.

Google ID for Play Store: It is easy to create a Google ID to use in Play store for downloading and installing the applications. You can simply use your Gmail ID for this purpose and while registering your account to create a Google ID, it will ask for the payment method but you can simply skip that step without using a “Trick”.

Opportunities for App Developers

App Store: Apple is very strict on its quality and security. This is the reason that only a high-quality application can be accepted on the app store. This makes it difficult for the beginners to develop an application for App store and get it approved. If a developer wants to publish his iOS app on App store, he needs to make the app code clean and secure. This is the main reason that you find fewer iOS app developers as compared to Play Store app developers.

Play Store: Almost every application gets approved on the Play store and even the beginners can get their Android applications published on the Play Store. This easiness for developers is the main reason that freelancers who wanted to start their career as a mobile app developer he chooses Play Store platform instead of App store. That is why you can find Android app developers easily.

Confidence of the User

App Store: As we have mentioned that only top quality and secured apps are published in the App store so a user of App store feels comfortable and confident while installing an application from the App Store. An App Store user can download the application without the threat of being slowing down the iPhone because of a buggy application.

Play Store: Because of the freedom of publishing an app on Play Store, users feel uncomfortable while installing an application on their device from Play Store. There are all type of applications, some of these are secure while some are vulnerable to hacking and virus attacks. A Play Store user has no confidence in the applications from unknown or new developers on Play store.

Cost to Publish The App

App Store: Publishing an application on App store is costly. The developer has to pay $100 per year to App store to publish their applications.

Play Store: The cost to publish an application on Play Store is only $20 and it is a one-time cost. So new developers can publish their app easily on Play Store because of low cost.

Reaching More Customers

App Store: There are only a few checkboxes in the app store applications where developers can provide they relevant keywords. To get the visibility by the targeted audience is somehow difficult on the App Store for the beginners.

Play Store: Just like Google Search Engine, the optimization for visibility is great in Play Store for the published apps. Developers can mention their important keywords in the app name, description and SEO tags as well. This freedom is good to increase the visibility and get more downloads by optimizing the app publication for search results.

Options to Choose the Best App from available Apps

App Store: If you have to select the best app from a single category then you have only a few options on App store because there are fewer applications published. The reason has been mentioned already that high quality and high cost stops many developers to develop iOS applications.

Play Store: You will have a lot of options to select the application of your own choice from a single category. The reason is obvious, easy to publish option with low cost encourage more developers to develop their own applications even if there are already many applications published on Play Store.


We have provided a detailed and neutral comparison of both Apple’s App Store for iPhone and iPad and Google’s Play store for Android devices. Now it up to you to decide which market store is better and which platform you should choose. But in our personal opinion if you are looking for the quality over quantity then App Store is better. From the developer’s point of view who are not expert, Play Store is better as they can easily publish their apps and can make some money out of their apps.


iPhone is on Top by Gaining 87% Profit of Total Smartphone Industry Q4 2017

iPhone X Quarter 4 Profit Share

According to Counterpoint Research, Apple was able to generate 86% profit of Smartphone industry. The report said that Apple’s iPhone X alone captured the 35% share of total profit of Smartphone industry during the last quarter of 2017.

Overall, there was a decrease of 1% of profit year to year whereas Apple’s profit grew to 1% year to year. In the top 10 list of smartphones which gets highest profits, there are 8 models of iPhone including their 3 years old model. The survey shows that iPhone X, the big screen model, had gained more than one-third of the total profit. If we compare it to the Android phones, then iPhone X alone generates 5 times more profit than 600 android manufacturer’s combined profit during October to December.


It is expected that total profit share of iPhone X will grow as the above study is for the last quarter of 2017 in which iPhone X was available only for two months i.e. November and December. According to Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, every time they ship the iPhone to market, the iPhone X remains the biggest seller each week.

Check this iPhone X Underwater Face ID Crazy Test by Jenna Ezarik

He further said that the sale of iPhone X during the holiday season was much better than the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

During the question-answer session, Tim Cook said the sales were not limited to the holiday season for iPhone X, but it is still getting a good response during the first quarter of 2018, especially in February.

The progress chart for the sales of iPhone models during past 5 to 6 years by AppleInsider shows that there is a huge increase in sales of iPhone models during the first quarter of each year since 2015. Same is the case in 2018’s 1st quarter as well and same is what Tim Cook said in his statement.


Another fact is that, if we look at the total number of units sold by Apple during the last quarter then it is 17.9% of total Smartphone units sold to the end user during this period. Apple is on the second place here, as Samsung was on first place by selling 18.2% units of total units sold.

Despite selling more units as compared to Apple, Samsung’s profit share is only 10% of total Smartphone industry’s profit and it places Samsung in the second place after Apple.


Apple CEO Tim Cook to be in Birmingham To Receive Human Rights Award

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Birmingham Metro Southern leadership conference is holding annual keeper of dream awards. There will be big names joining the annual awards and Tim cook will be one of them.

This is the tenth award ceremony hosted and Apple CEO is in the honoree sector. This year special awards will be given in the memory of the Martin Luther King Jr. The awarded team has been named as the “Golden Halo Fit For a King”.

Unlike every year this year venue is different. These awards are being held at April 4 at the Sheraton Civic center in Birmingham.

It is the fiftieth anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr who was assassinated in 19 century. Martin Luther King was among those people who dedicated their lives to an equal level of justice. He was a preacher of the idea that all humans must be given same justice.

Apple CEO Tim Cook will be there to receive human rights award of 2018. This is confirmed by the Birmingham Metro SCLC. Cook presence in the award ceremony has yet to be confirmed officially by Apple.

These awards are particularly awarded to the people who work hard for the equality and human rights. People carrying the will of Martin Luther King Jr, are worthy to be recognized and given credit.

Civil rights are something which was not given but were taken by the efforts of these hardworking people. These people put others life’s first.

Apple CEO is a hardcore advocate of the equality and civil rights. For such reasons, “Apple is a great place to work in”.


Top 5 Best Micro SD Cards For Your New Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus

Best MicroSD cards for Galaxy S9

A few years ago, Samsung tried to copy the idea of Apple and launched their Galaxy top models without the facility to expand the storage space. But this idea failed, the loyal customers of Samsung lashback and they rejected this idea which forced Samsung to bring back the microSD card slot in their next Galaxy S7. Since then, every model of Samsung has a microSD card slot so that customers don’t have to pay $100 extra to extend their storage from 32GB to 64GB.

The latest models of Samsung, Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus also has the option to insert an SD card. The 4K video support and slow-motion video at 960fps feature need a lot of memory to record a ton of videos. Obviously, everyone wants to record their best moments in high resolution and for this purpose, you need to upgrade your Galaxy S9 storage with the help of a best Micro SD card.

There are various Micro SD cards you can buy online or from your nearest store. But it is very important to select only the best and reliable memory card for your latest device. Here we have selected 5 best Micro SD cards for Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus.

1. SanDisk Ultra – 32GB Micro SD Card

32GB SanDisk Card for Galaxy S9For those who need just a few more GB space to install their favorite Android apps, games or to capture the pictures, SanDisk Ultra 32GB micro SD card could be their best choice. You don’t have to spend a lot of cash on this card as you can easily get this card for only $15 or even less price from online stores.

2. Samsung Pro Select – 64GB Micro SD Card

64GB Samsung Pro Select Card Galaxy S9The 64 GB Micro SD card from Samsung pro select series is specially designed for the content creators. Those who want to double the storage space of Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus to record few videos, or to take pictures can buy this card.

3. Samsung EVO Select – 256GB Micro SD Card

256 GB Samsung Evo Select SD Card Galaxy S9Those users who want a lot of storage space but they don’t want to spend a lot of cash, Samsung EVO Select 256GB Micro SD card is the best choice for them. This is slightly cheaper microSD card as compared to the other cards available in the market. Those who want to record 4K videos with Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus at 30fps, this could be their only choice in low price.

4. SanDisk Extreme Pro – 128GB Micro SD Card

128GB SanDisk Extreme Pro SD Card Galaxy S9 PlusWhen you need to extend your storage and you don’t want to slow down the speed of your mobile because of the slow read and write speed then you need SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB Micro SD card. This is the fastest micro SD card as it has 275 MB/Sec read speed and 100 MB/Sec write speed. This is slightly higher in price because of its performance and fast speed.

5. SanDisk Ultra – 400GB Micro SD Card

SanDisk Ultra 400GB Micro SD CardIf you need to use your Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 plus only for video recording all the time and you love to record 4K videos or a lot of slow-motion videos at 960 frames per second, then you need a lot of storage as well. SanDisk Ultra 400GB micro SD card has the highest storage capacity until today with a reading speed of 100MB/s and writing speed of 90MB/s. Out of 400GB, 390GB space will be user available space and this is a lot of space to store your 4K videos.

While selecting the Micro SD card for your Galaxy S9, make your choice wisely and keep in mind how much storage would be enough for you. Because if you buy a 32GB card and then you realize that you need 128GB more storage then it will be a waste of money. So make your decisions wisely.


Apple will Launch Two iPad Pro Models at WWDC 2018 in June

iPad Pro WWDC 2018 Release

There are a lot of speculations in the print media and social media about the upcoming iPhone and iPad models. According to a few sources, it is believed that Apple will introduce a new iPhone model earlier than the expected and usual date and two new iPad pro models will also be launched at Apple Worldwide Developer Conference 2018.

Whereas, Taiwan’s Economic Daily News has some other story. According to the news, Apple will only launch the two versions of iPads and unveils both iPads at WWDC 2018. According to this article, the updated version of 12.9 inch iPad pro and a brand new version of 11 inch iPad pro will be introduced at WWDC 2018 in June.

According to the leaked news, both iPad pro versions will support the Face ID that means, there will be no Home button for iPads. Moreover, both versions will be equipped with A11X processor and the bezels will be thinner for these versions as compared to the previous ones.

Many trusted sources claimed the unveiling of iPhone SE at WWDC in June, but according to this latest news, there will be no iPhone until the 3rd quarter as per the previous years. Here you can read more about the expected iPhone models, release dates and their specs this year.

Anyhow, you have to wait for few more weeks so that we can get some more authentic news about the expected iDevice which Apple is going to release at WWDC 2018 in June.


Texture: The Digital Magazine Service Acquired by Apple

texture acquire apple buy

Recently Apple has acquired the digital magazine subscription service called Texture. Users can subscribe to the Texture service at the cost of $9.99 per month to get updates from more than 200 magazines.

Next Issue Media LLC. is currently run this app and it is owned by Hearst Corp., News Corp., Meredith Corp. and Rogers Communications Inc with some other groups of publishers as well. Apple has officially announced on its website that an agreement has been signed by Apple to buy Texture.

It is not yet announced by Apple that how much it paid to buy the Texture service. In January, Apple bought the BuddyBuild app so it is the second acquisition of Apple during this year. With this service, iPad users will enjoy their favorite stories and can find the content of their own interest.

After the latest updates about focusing content on Facebook, many publishers were facing issues of getting less traffic as Facebook refocuses the content from Friends and Family. This deal will help the Apple to boost their relations with such publishers who were the victim of this update and noticing a drop in traffic.

The catalog of Texture includes Entertainment Weekly, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Billboard, and Bloomberg Businessweek. There are so many other magazines as well already on the list and hopefully, more will be added soon.


Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ All Secret Codes & Hidden Menus

Galaxy S8 Secret Codes

When you are going to buy a used mobile there might be a lot of concerns in your mind about the phone. Like you might be feared that this mobile might be a replica and a fake one. While you might also have concerns about the functionality of your mobile. You are not the only one who have these concerns because there are a lot of fake or malfunctioned mobiles in the market for sale.

When it comes to Samsung mobiles, being the top-selling brand all around the world there are so many fake copies of each Samsung model. Like you can find many replicas of different quality for Samsung Galaxy S8 alone. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to differentiate between the original and the fake Samsung Galaxy S8.

So, in this case, you should be very careful before you buy a used mobile for you and you should check it properly. The most important thing you should check is the battery timing which you can judge by making 50 to 60 pictures with the flash on and recording a video for about 1 minute as well. Then check the battery percentage. If it drops for more than 4 to 5 percent then it means the battery is low and if it drops from 7 to 10 percent then the battery is very weak and you should not get that mobile.

Checking SIM function, signal strength, mic, speaker, earpiece, charging jack and a lot of other things are important. About charging of a mobile, most of the people just plug in the charger in the charging jack and if it shows that charges are connected the believe that mobile’s charging is Okay. But remember you should keep the mobile connected with charges for at least 2 to 3 minutes. If charging increases by only 1% at least, then charging is okay. But if the battery level remains at the same percentage then it means this mobile is charging and there is a battery storage problem because of storage IC of mobile.

These are the few things related to hardware, whereas you can check a lot more things like if the IMEI number of mobile board matches with the mobile box and with the one on the back side of the mobile. To check things like these, you need to know secret codes of Samsung Galaxy S8.

These Samsung secret codes will provide you a lot of information which will help you in testing different hidden features of the mobile. Some of these secret codes of Galaxy S8 will also show you some hidden menus which show you different information about your mobile.

So learn these secret codes and must check the hidden menus of used Galaxy S8 before you buy that from the market or from any other person who is not your close friend.

The video below will help you in learning the codes. The video is in Urdu language but you can understand the code and what information it will show. The same Galaxy S8 Secret codes are good to use on other Samsung models as well. So watch the video and try these codes on your mobile.