Apple’s App Store vs Google’s Play Store: A Brief Comparison

iPhone App Store vs Google Play Store

iPhone App Store vs Google Play Store

There are more than 2 billion Smartphone users in 2017 and it is expected that the number will cross the 5 billion mark in 2019. Most of the Smartphone users are either using iOS or Android operating system whereas fewer users are using Blackberry or Windows OS.

iOS users can download an application from the Apple’s App store and if they have a jailbroken iPhone then they can use more options as well to download the applications whereas Android users can download their applications from the Google’s Play store or they can even install the application by using an APK.

Here we will provide a brief and neutral comparison between Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.

Account Registration Process

Apple ID for App Store: The process of creating an account on App store is somehow difficult. You have to provide a lot your personal details while creating your Apple ID which is used in the App store to install the applications on your iPhone or iPad.

While creating an Apple ID for iPhone you also need to provide your credit card information so that you can buy they paid apps if required. Though there is a trick to create Apple ID without payment method, but most of the users don’t know about that trick. Overall it is difficult to create an Apple ID for an uneducated person.

Google ID for Play Store: It is easy to create a Google ID to use in Play store for downloading and installing the applications. You can simply use your Gmail ID for this purpose and while registering your account to create a Google ID, it will ask for the payment method but you can simply skip that step without using a “Trick”.

Opportunities for App Developers

App Store: Apple is very strict on its quality and security. This is the reason that only a high-quality application can be accepted on the app store. This makes it difficult for the beginners to develop an application for App store and get it approved.

If a developer wants to publish his iOS app on App store, he needs to make the app code clean and secure. This is the main reason that you find fewer iOS app developers as compared to Play Store app developers.

Play Store: Almost every application gets approved on the Play store and even the beginners can get their Android applications published on the Play Store. This easiness for developers is the main reason that freelancers who wanted to start their career as a mobile app developer he chooses Play Store platform instead of App store. That is why you can find Android app developers easily.

Confidence of the User

App Store: As we have mentioned that only top quality and secured apps are published in the App store so a user of App store feels comfortable and confident while installing an application from the App Store. An App Store user can download the application without the threat of being slowing down the iPhone because of a buggy application.

Play Store: Because of the freedom of publishing an app on Play Store, users feel uncomfortable while installing an application on their device from Play Store. There are all type of applications, some of these are secure while some are vulnerable to hacking and virus attacks. A Play Store user has no confidence in the applications from unknown or new developers on Play store.

Cost to Publish The App

App Store: Publishing an application on App store is costly. The developer has to pay $100 per year to App store to publish their applications.

Play Store: The cost to publish an application on Play Store is only $20 and it is a one-time cost. So new developers can publish their app easily on Play Store because of low cost.

Reaching More Customers

App Store: There are only a few checkboxes in the app store applications where developers can provide they relevant keywords. To get the visibility by the targeted audience is somehow difficult on the App Store for the beginners.

Play Store: Just like Google Search Engine, the optimization for visibility is great in Play Store for the published apps. Developers can mention their important keywords in the app name, description and SEO tags as well. This freedom is good to increase the visibility and get more downloads by optimizing the app publication for search results.

Options to Choose the Best App from available Apps

App Store: If you have to select the best app from a single category then you have only a few options on App store because there are fewer applications published. The reason has been mentioned already that high quality and high cost stops many developers to develop iOS applications.

Play Store: You will have a lot of options to select the application of your own choice from a single category. The reason is obvious, easy to publish option with low cost encourage more developers to develop their own applications even if there are already many applications published on Play Store.


We have provided a detailed and neutral comparison of both Apple’s App Store for iPhone and iPad and Google’s Play store for Android devices. Now it up to you to decide which market store is better and which platform you should choose. But in our personal opinion if you are looking for the quality over quantity then App Store is better.

From the developer’s point of view who are not expert, Play Store is better as they can easily publish their apps and can make some money out of their apps.


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