Texture: The Digital Magazine Service Acquired by Apple

texture acquire apple buy

texture acquire apple buy

Recently Apple has acquired the digital magazine subscription service called Texture. Users can subscribe to the Texture service at the cost of $9.99 per month to get updates from more than 200 magazines.

Next Issue Media LLC. is currently run this app and it is owned by Hearst Corp., News Corp., Meredith Corp. and Rogers Communications Inc with some other groups of publishers as well. Apple has officially announced on its website that an agreement has been signed by Apple to buy Texture.

It is not yet announced by Apple that how much it paid to buy the Texture service. In January, Apple bought the BuddyBuild app so it is the second acquisition of Apple during this year. With this service, iPad users will enjoy their favorite stories and can find the content of their own interest.

After the latest updates about focusing content on Facebook, many publishers were facing issues of getting less traffic as Facebook refocuses the content from Friends and Family. This deal will help the Apple to boost their relations with such publishers who were the victim of this update and noticing a drop in traffic.

The catalog of Texture includes Entertainment Weekly, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Billboard, and Bloomberg Businessweek. There are so many other magazines as well already on the list and hopefully, more will be added soon.

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