Don’t Expect Major Updates For iPhone 11 at September Launch Event

iphone 11 release date


iphone 11 release date

The sales of the iPhone have dropped in China during the current USA-China trade problems. People from other parts of the world trading their iPhone for Android phones. The loyal iPhone users are using the same iPhone for a longer time and they don’t get a new model too often.

These are the few reasons for the significant drop in the profit of Apple from their iPhone during the fiscal third quarter. There is almost 12% less sale and from the 29$ billion the sales are dropped to 26$ billion. Because of this falling sale and low profits, some people are expecting something big from Apple this year.

But according to Lynn La, there will be no major update, especially the 5G connectivity is out of the question. She also predicted the date when Apple will announce the next iPhone 11. She predicted that Apple will announce the next iPhone on the 10th of September.

According to Business Insider, iPhone 11 or iPhone 2019 (as the name is not yet confirmed) will come with a triple-lens camera to improve the photography experience. With that, it is also expected that the new iPhone will have the ability to charge other devices wirelessly.

Some android mobiles have the 5G capability, while it is said that iPhone lovers should not expect the 5G iPhone this year.

Some experts also said that the 5G iPhone in 2020 will could come with a 3D camera as well. That will be a major and critical update and could attract new mobile users.

About the iPhone profit, a note written by Chris Caso and Melissa Fairbanks claims that the introduction of 5G iPhone in 2020 will increase the iPhone sale up to 10%.

If you are a loyal iPhone user and using any version of the iPhone, you should not expect anything exciting in iPhone 11. So, if you want to keep your current iPhone then you can click here to buy the iPhone accessories.

We will keep you up to date with any new predictions about the coming iPhone. There is not single confirmed news from Apple about the new iPhone yet.

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