Best Rental Property Management iOS Apps for Landlords



It is important to use rental property management apps for every landlord before they rent their property to tenants. These apps offer various features that help in protecting and maintain the property.

Many of these property management apps have tenant screening features that are very helpful for landlords. There are various benefits of tenant screening before renting a property.

How Property Management Apps Help Landlords

Property management apps can help landlords in a number of ways. Some of the benefits include:

  1. Streamlined communication: Property management apps can provide a centralized platform for landlords to communicate with tenants and vice versa. This can make it easier to stay in touch and resolve any issues that may arise.
  2. Paperless record keeping: With a property management app, landlords can keep all of their rental documents and records electronically, reducing the need for paper and making it easier to access important information.
  3. Help in screening tenants: Tenant screening is important for landlords because it helps them choose responsible and reliable tenants for their rental properties. Proper tenant screening can help reduce the risk of problems such as unpaid rent, property damage, and legal issues.
  4. Improved organization: Property management apps can help landlords keep track of tasks, deadlines, and important dates related to their rental properties. This can help them stay organized and avoid missing any important tasks or deadlines.
  5. Online rent payment: Many property management apps allow tenants to pay rent online, which can be convenient for both landlords and tenants. This can also help landlords reduce the risk of late or missed rent payments.
  6. Maintenance tracking: Property management apps can help landlords keep track of maintenance requests and schedule repairs or other maintenance tasks. This can help ensure that properties are well-maintained and any issues are addressed promptly.

4 Best Property Management iOS Apps

There are various property management iOS apps that help landlords in renting and managing their properties.

Zillow Rental Manager

Now landlords can save time since everything they require to fill their vacancy, from listing to leasing, is conveniently located in one location.

Landlords will be able to advertise their homes on a site that sees more than 34 million searches every month thanks to the straightforward tools offered by the Zillow Rental Manager iOS app.

After you have found a renter, you may conduct the screening process and collect rent completely online.

Stessa: Smart Rental Manager

Stessa is a free, high-quality financial management tool for property owners. Owners of rental properties can now monitor their portfolio’s financial status at any time, from any location. You can maximize your monthly rental income like the tens of thousands of other real estate investors who utilize Stessa.

Simple yet effective, Stessa is an accounting application that helps landlords save money and time by automating 90% of the mundane but necessary tasks involved in maintaining accurate financial records.

By centralizing all of your financial activities in one place, automating your reporting, and providing you with notifications and insights into the real-time performance of your portfolio assets, its user-friendly platform streamlines the management of rental property finances.

Landlordy Property Management

It’s a clear and easy-to-use iOS app for managing rental properties. You may save time and energy by maintaining order in your company’s paperwork and tax filings. Raise the bar even higher in your role as a landlord.

Track tenants, rent, invoices, bills, safety and maintenance records, tenant balances, and payment histories, generate rapid financial reports, and set up helpful reminders to improve your private landlord business.

Landlord Studio

Seeking a more convenient method of property management? Rents may be collected, income and costs recorded, tenants vetted, and more with the help of the best rental management software available.

Get rid of your spreadsheets and let the computer handle your investment properties.

When it comes to managing their rental properties, the developers at Landlord Studio knew just what kind of help landlords needed. By putting a real estate agent’s tools and knowledge at your fingertips, they help you save both time and money.

Screen and manage tenants, prepare professional tax reports, collect rent online, set up reminders, and track income and spending across many properties. Access the cloud platform from any device, anywhere, anytime. If you use Landlord Studio on a desktop, it could be the best property management software for landlords.

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