Record Your Calls on iPhone By TapeACall Call Recorder App

iOS Call Recording App

Sometimes you might need to record the critical calls to keep a record of your conversation with particular persons. Or sometimes, you might need to record a call on your iPhone while taking an interview with some celebrity or a social worker.

In that case, since iPhone doesn’t have a built-in call recording feature, so you need to get an automatic call recording app. You can find a lot of call recording apps for Android that is free to use. But when it is about iOS, you don’t have that many options.

Well, still there are plenty of options to select from some top iPhone call recording apps and the TapeACall iOS app is one of them. You can use this app to record all your outgoing and incoming calls without any problem.

This app is not Free to use, but you can use it on a trial basis for 7 days totally free, and then you need to pay the subscription fee. This iOS call recording app is developed by Epic Enterprises LLC and it is compatible with iOS 11.2 or later.

When we use this call recording app, we found that the voice of both parties is very clear. Though in a few calls, there was a slight noise but that can be neglected.

Keep in mind that TapeACall is not an automatic call recording application. When you are on a call, you need to tap the recording button. After the call is recorded, you will get an option to share the call recording via email or social media. You can also upload your call recording file on cloud storage like Dropbox or Google drive. It will save space on your phone.

If you pay a yearly subscription of 29.99$ per year, then you can record unlimited calls and this is the best part of using this iOS call recording app. Whereas, many other apps have a higher subscription fee or charge on per minute or per hour basis.

You can go on the App Store and download the TapeACall app to record all your calls on the iPhone.

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